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Green Logistics

As '' ADR logistic ''; we are proud to offer eco-friendly investments and logistic services. Keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum, we create minimum responsibility for our nature and living spaces.

Ethical Policy

Accuracy and honesty are our primary values ​​in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and integrity in our relations with employees and all stakeholders.

What is ADR

In the field of transporting dangerous goods, the European agreement on road and international transport of dangerous goods (ADR), which brings a series of sanctions and certification


Start to the business life in 2019, our company, innovative, dynamic staff and always focused on customer satisfaction service understanding together with sincere, honest and principled service has set out to produce.

How Can We Help ?

With the words “to carry out an innovative and dynamic process’, we aim to be the leading company in the field of ADR storage of Turkey in order to serve our customers in the best way, to increase the quality of service in the sector and to be decisive on this subject.

ADR Storage

ADR regulations and regulations and in accordance with international standards (flammable, flammable, explosive, liquid, gas) we provide services for the storage of products.

General Storage

We offer shelf and shelf systems and modern equipment in all warehouse areas.

Warehouse Management

In accordance with the demands of our customers; We plan the storage and shipment processes of the products and provide the necessary coordination to ensure that the products arrive at the place they arrive on time.

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